Local Business Makes Sustainability Changes

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Freshwater Foundation

Fresh Water Cannabis Co. is not like just any other cannabis brand. They base their business on sustainability and supporting local communities. A large focus for Fresh Water is preserving the natural environment of Michigan and the great lakes. 10% of all of the branded apparel and branded accessories sales go towards the Fresh Water Cannabis Foundation initiatives. If you
haven’t caught on yet, the name Fresh Water Cannabis Co. was inspired by Michigan’s abundance of freshwater.

Fresh Water’s leadership team founded the Fresh Water Cannabis Foundation to protect Michigan’s freshwater ways, but also working to aid in undoing the social criminal injustices that have occurred in many communities regarding cannabis. When speaking to a Foundation team member they said, “Through engagement, outreach, and partnerships with other organizations Fresh Water Cannabis Foundation aims to rectify and undo the injustice on these disproportionately affected individuals within communities.” Initiatives include protecting our environment, providing clean water, creating sustainable cannabis and several community outreach programs.

Fresh Water has introduced recycle bins to their stores for customers to return and recycle its used packaging. This will help reduce plastic waste that fills the landfills. They are also making plans to overhaul their packaging solely to reusable or biodegradable packaging. Fresh Water has joined a movement and proves to be one of the leading companies in the sustainable cannabis community.

To learn more about Fresh Water Cannabis Co. and the Fresh Water Cannabis Foundation visit www.freshwatercannabisco.com and www.freshwatercannabisfoundation.org

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